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Northwest Dyslexia Center

An Integrative Approach to Dyslexia

We Believe the Dyslexic Brain is Amazing!

Our mission at the Northwest Dyslexia Center is to give families the information and support that we wish we would have had when our children first started struggling with reading and spelling.  This includes getting appropriate testing and research based instruction, information about accommodations and technology, and improving dyslexia awareness for families, educators and our community.

We also believe that the dyslexic brain is amazing, as are the people who are dyslexic.  Not only is our goal to partner with parents to help your child overcome the challenges of dyslexia, but also to help you explore their strengths and gifts. 

Often the problems seem glaring while the strengths may be more subtle and easier to overlook. Yet it is crucial for their self-esteem that you, as the parents, spend time developing their strengths. The goal is to make sure that the strengths, not the weaknesses, are what define your child.

At the Northwest Dyslexia Center we can help make these goals a reality by offering specific information on dyslexia and the options that are available to you to support your child.

Parent's Role



We believe in a collaborative approach to working with our students.  Parents are encouraged to be involved in helping their child not only with tutoring, but shaping the paradigm that your family views dyslexia.

​Parental support at home will greatly increase your child's success!