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Northwest Dyslexia Center

An Integrative Approach to Dyslexia


Why Our System Works

We use one of the most recently developed Orton-Gillingham systems, The Barton Reading and Spelling Program to provide dyslexia tutoring. This program was developed after the National Reading Panel concluded their research and it incorporates their findings. Orton-Gillingham systems are recognized as the only research-proven methods in effectively working with dyslexic individuals. 

We are able to achieve real, sustainable outcomes with our students because we are consistent and committed to using this system in the way it was designed and in settings that optimize our clients’ ability to learn.  Our methods have been proven over many years of helping individuals achieve reading independence and fluency.

What Makes Us Successful:

  • We provide direct 1:1 instruction at least two times per week with each client using research based instruction.

  • We customize the pace of our instruction to help students progress as quickly as they can, but as slowly as they need.

  • This is our focus year-round.  We provide ongoing instruction to our clients to help close the learning gaps as quickly as possible.  We offer 4 days/week summer intensives to allow clients to take advantage of the time when students have a more relaxed schedule.

  • We provide instruction for those who are not quite ready for Orton-Gillingham based systems to prepare them for success in our program.

  • We partner with parents to discuss areas that need improvement, how they can support their child’s learning at home and how to maximize other areas of strength in their children.

Our Specialists are Exceptional

Each Specialists experiences an intense initial training process and is required to complete regular ongoing training.

Our Specialists are selected because they are passionate about helping children, teenagers and adults become fluent readers. They are sensitive to the unique needs of struggling readers and are adept at building confidence and self-esteem through the instructional process.

What Happens in a Session:

  • Each session usually lasts about 50 minutes and occurs at least twice per week.  Research shows that this frequency is needed to help close the gap in academic achievement and to fully incorporate what they are learning during tutoring.

  • Students progress through an established sequence of reading and spelling concepts, moving from the the most simple to the more complex.

  • All work is completed in a simultaneously multi-sensory fashion.  Simply stated, a client sees it, hears it, says it out loud, touches it and moves it around, all at the same time. This increases the ability to engage more areas of the brain and allows learning to occur more easily.

  • Each client is tested periodically during the instructional process to ensure mastery of the concepts and materials learned.  Ample opportunity for practice is provided for each student so that mastery is achieved for each concept. Mastery is critical for progression through our system.

  • In our 1:1 instruction, we focus on the innate talents of our client.  Each client is unique, with clearly identifiable gifted areas. We draw on those strengths to increase our client’s confidence and self-esteem.

  • What happens in our sessions changes how our clients view themselves and learning. This often results in decreasing secondary problems caused by their struggles, such as anxiety and behavioral problems.​

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