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Northwest Dyslexia Center

An Integrative Approach to Dyslexia


Math for the Dyslexic Brain

“I don’t know what you did, but the way you teach me math just makes it click for me!”

“Math class is awesome!  It helps my brain finally learn my multiplication facts!  I never thought I could get A's in math, but I can finally see my brain catching up to others.”

“I used to hate math, but now it’s my favorite class!”

These are just a few quotes from our students that are taking Dyslexia Math from our center.  Just as students with dyslexia need to learn how to read and write in a different methodology than is taught at most schools, about 50% of dyslexic students will also need to learn math in a way that works for their brain.  This program provides direct, sequential, multi-sensory, and developmentally appropriate instruction that allows students to experience successful math processing and brings them self-confidence in math.  

Although we used to teach math classes, we found that math, much like reading and spelling, needs to be taught at each student's individual pace.  Each student with dyslexia learns and memorizes at different rates and therefore repetition and practice rates vary.  Most importantly, it is important to us that each student at our center is set up for success to help restore self-esteem!   Please contact us for individual tutoring sessions.

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